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Omg! My site is finally done. I will keep my comms journal on da up for a bit still though. Check out my new site and let me know what you guys think. 

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3 deviants said Love to hear what you guys think
3 deviants said I'm so excited that it is finally mostly done. ^-^

List of closed species

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 5, 2017, 5:04 PM

Jewelkin Species Info
(These are old reference sheets. Working on updating with new ones)
Jewelkins are a magical wild dog species that will fuse with gems or minerals common in their regions. Due to their loyalty once tamed and bonded to a person they are often sought out as house pets, particularly for children. They are more popular among nomadic tribes and can only be captured by someone with some level of magical ability. Once a jewelkin is bonded with someone their traits and characteristics can be changed to an extent. Due to the magical nature of the species they can only be changed or mutated by magic items and/or magic users. The rarer the jewelkin the stronger the master.
Puppy- 0-18 months
Adolescence- 18 months - 3 years
Adult- 3-20 years
Senior- 20-50 years
Common life span of a wild jewelkin is 50 years.
Tamed bonded jewelkin can

Mishi Species InfoBASIC INFO:
Mini Kemonomimis who have horns and basic long skinny tail with a whisp of fluff at the end of it. They're helpers for any sorts like cleaning.
All of Mishis should have the basic form of having kemonomimi ears, tail, horns and a tag or ornament attached to tail, and a Nani form.
No animal ears, just human or elf
Tag/ornament is not on the tail, it's somewhere else on the body
Any traits of a Klyling(mixed genes between the sub-classes)
One horn
Wings(any type)
Full-size human body instead of a Nani form.
Standard Mishi
can have common,uncommon, and rare traits.Such as different horns, tails,chokers/necklaces, small markings, masks, and tag/ornament variations.They can do only small types of spells like healing, baking, making things appear.
a type of Mishi who wields a weapon of some sort.They're battle types and cannot use magic however if their weapon has magic they can use it.
They have high amounts of ma

DeformX Species InfoHumans born or infused with the metabolic virus "DAVX" that can cause the body to change in physically, genetically, and mentally.  The virus is not visible in tests until the carrier reaches puberty in most cases, but can also be triggered by traumatic events in the idividuals life or certain environmental changes, most commonly by moon phases, but can also be certain foods, emotions, etc.
Abilites once the virus breaks can vary from person to person but each is just as unique varying by the individuals strengths, weaknesses, and environment. Under normal circumstances an infected individual can have 1 or 2 abilites, but on rare occasions more can be found. The full extent is still unknown.
MorphX- ones with physical enhancements/mutations.
PsyX- ones with mental enhancements/mutations.
SpliX- ones with both mental and physical enhancements/mutations.
BlanX- ones with seemingly no outstanding abilities but are still carriers of the DAVX gene virus.
Example of a MorphX mutation

Orbies Species InfoIf you are interested and have any ideas for traits, PLEASE tell me! :3
 Ask before you make one or if you want to make adopts! Tis polite.
 Credit me as the species creator.
 Emptyproxy & BgtrahernNFA
Orbies are a genderless celestial race. (They do go by male/female pronouns though) The "Orb" of an Orbie holds their very essence, and they will die if it is Broken or Taken away from their body for too long. This orb is also used in reproduction. When two Orbies form a relationship, they bond their essence to form a new orb. Within a week, the orb will collect dust and various other microscopic bits of debris and form its body. From that point, the Orbie is on their own.
Legendary Orbies that have a second Mini Orb have the ability to reincarnate themselves and are generally stronger than other Orbies.
 They can have pointed ears, human ears, heck, even two sets of ears. The only thing off limits is animal ears.
No feet just stubs but the

Skin by UszatyArbuz

About me

Hello Lovelies

My name Beth and I am a self-taught artist. I use traditional medias more than anything since i don't know how to use any kind of digital art software, but i hope you enjoy my gallery nonetheless. Thanks for visiting! ( ?o?)



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